Monday, February 27, 2012

Healthy Slow Cooking Blog

Welcome! If you're here from Southern Seasons email or event calendar announcement about my book signing March 10th please go to my blog, Healthy Slow Cooking to get some great slow cooker recipes and see the updates on my calendar.

I hope I'll see you at the demo March 10 noon to 3 at Southern Seasons!

This site, Busy vegan, is being phased out and the recipes will be moved to Healthy Slow Cooking's site.

Please go over to Healthy Slow Cooking and sign up to get updates via your favorite method (email, rss, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.)


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  2. Patricia C. Ross
    I usually make tomato rice using pressure cooker.Recently my friend Shalini told me to try in electric rice cooker without using a kadai and she shared her recipe too. I love tomato rice only when it is fully packed with garam masalas.For Sendhil, it should be with least spices.So i tried Shalini’s recipe which has very less spices with a south Indian touch.He loved it a lot.I have made it many times so far.It comes out very well.